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Adrenaline [ 5 ]

Title: Adrenaline
Pairing: ot5
Warning: not your average family
Genre: Family Life, Fantasy, Sci-fi
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jinki falls in love with the sky and the people who came with it.

[Chapter One] [Chapter Two] [Chapter Three] [Chapter Four]

Note: Mistake on my part. This had been finished a while ago actually and I totally lost my mind while trying (and finally succeeding) to finish Fences. It's much easier to write Adrenaline. I work better with long stories than short ones.

Jinki shot up and ran to the railing. Mouth agape, he watched as Jonghyun’s entire body released a shudder and he slumped against the wall. Even from his distance, he could see the blood splatter that his head left. Jonghyun had to be alright though, Taemin wouldn’t kill him. It wasn’t something he would do. Despite his efforts to persuade himself, he still felt as panicked as he did before.

To his left, he saw Key stand, the satisfied smirk had long fallen from his face. He looked pale; his skin starting to look sickly as his conflicted eyes locked on the scene in the arena. Jinki moved to say something but stopped when Key let out a shaky exhale, laughing softly. Slowly, he sank back into his seat and covered his shaky eyes with his hands.

Almost afraid of what he would see, Jinki turned his attention to Minho. Said man was clenching the railing so hard his arms were shaking. He looked tense, legs coiled as if he was about to leap over the barrier and go into the arena but he didn’t move. All of his tension went into the bar. Everything he wanted to do went into that bar.

A groan echoed across the walls, snapping Jinki back into the action with the two in the middle. Taemin had Jonghyun’s hair and was tugging on it to bring his head closer to the concrete. Jonghyun’s body was twitching sporadically, the sudden movement making Taemin buck away from him. Taemin pressed his head harder against the wall. It wasn’t until Jonghyun’s hand whipped up and slammed against the wall, desperately trying to get leverage, did Jinki realize that Jonghyun was alive. Alive, and idiotically stubborn, he was till trying to fight.

"Stay down,” He heard Minho whisper. “Please!”

Jinki doubted Jonghyun wouldn’t have listened even if he could hear him. He had far too much pride.

Taemin pulled Jonghyun’s hair back again, eyes narrowing as they met with glaring equals and without further hesitation, flung Jonghyun back into the wall. It was so sudden that Jonghyun didn’t catch himself and once again smacked against the wall. He let out a shout, once again trying to get his leverage through the wall. Taemin’s body slumped for a second, as if he too couldn’t believe how stubborn Jonghyun was, before he gripped his locks again.

Minho was yelling now, desperately begging Taemin to stop—begging Jonghyun to just forfeit so they could go home, but neither listened to him. His yells lessened into nothing but intelligible screams as Taemin winded again, gaining more momentum before slamming Jonghyun into the wall again.

He had tried to catch himself; hands pressed against the wall just as Taemin began to wind but the acceleration caught him off guard and forced his neck forward. Jonghyun let out a loud, pained groan but still reached up with unsteady hands to try and push him off.

As Taemin once again, lifted the bloodied Jonghyun up again, Jinki came to the startling realization that this wasn’t going to stop. Jonghyun was too proud to stop and Taemin was defending his role in their group. Taemin was going to kill him.

Taemin let out something akin to a roar, winding quickly.

This wasn’t the Taemin that had helped him before, Jinki thought frightened, this wasn’t that kind boy that had revived his urge to survive and live. This was a monster. He couldn’t let this happen. He couldn’t! He wasn’t going to let this happen. He stood up and began walking out the row of seats to the stairs. He wasn’t going to let this happen.

He didn’t bother looking at Key or Minho, feeling disgusted in them both for just standing and watching their friend get bludgeoned. He didn’t care what customs he was stomping over. He didn’t care if this ruined their friendship—acquaintanceship—whatever they had with him. This wasn’t right. Nothing about this was right and if he was the only one who was going to stop it, he was going to try.

He was practically flying down the stairs, his Trecks turning on without him meaning too. He stumbled down a few, but barely noticed, focusing only on the horror that was occurring in the middle. Breathing hard, he leapt over the railing and fell into the ring. Neither Taemin nor Jonghyun noticed his intrusion.

He held onto the railing he had jumped over and with his arm in the air, forced his weight down. His Trecks squealed, restrained but whirring violently as they accelerated. He didn’t know how fast this would make him go. He didn’t think about how dangerous this could be, how it could kill him if he did something wrong. He didn’t think about anything.

He let go.

Jinki sped across the arena, wind hitting him so fast it stung and made his eyes water. He slammed directly into Taemin’s side, knocking the air out of the boy and making him release Jonghyun. Faintly, Jinki wondered if he had broken any bones but then, the world around him began to blur together as the contact with Taemin only slowed him momentarily and they were both speeding again, dangerously into the next wall.

He couldn’t stop.

Fingers clung to his sides, digging into his ribs as Taemin caught up with what was going on. He dug furiously into him, trying to get him to drop him but Jinki endured the pain. He was going to stop this one way or another, and this was the way he chose.

As they neared the wall, Jinki closed his eyes in anticipation of the impact. As he did so, Taemin slammed his feet down, accelerating them and jerking himself out of Jinki’s grip. Still holding his shirt, Taemin spun on his heel and flung Jinki to the opposite wall, moving just as fast as he had been before.

Jinki’s heart sunk.

He didn’t know why he didn’t expect Taemin to actually fight back. He had gotten to be their leader for a reason. He shouldn’t have had so much confidence. Wind rushing past him, his breath quickened. Chest heaving, he noticed his eyes stung as his pupils opened wider as wind crashed into them. A strange wave of euphoria hit him making all of his regret, fear, and pains disappear into nothingness.

He felt calm, just like he was before when he was being chased. He closed his eyes and sighed, the hassle trying to get air had become, energizing. He lifted himself, heels slamming against the concrete in mimicry of what Taemin had done before swinging one of his legs around, causing him to race toward Taemin.

He was spinning so fast Jinki couldn’t see where he was going, but it didn’t scare him, he could only feel the pleasure of moving this quickly. Of flying through the air like this.

Jinki turned his foot to the right, beside the direction of where he was going and managed to stop his acceleration. The sudden pressure flung Jinki into the air, making him switch feet and land the exact same way with the other, but this time Jinki held the pressure. His eyes locked with Taemin’s, whose livid expression looked unnatural to his features and smiled. Then he lifted up, flinging himself in Taemin’s direction, turning in mid-air, before catching Taemin in the side of the head with his Treck.

Taemin let out a short shout as he tumbled away and fell still on the ground. Jinki paused, watching as Taemin’s chest rose and lowered slowly to confirm that he was still alive.

Jonghyun, not to far away from him, had lowered himself against the wall. Breathing heavily, he refused to make eye-contact with Jinki. He didn’t care, he had saved his life whether the other would admit to that or not. His good mood seemed to diminish as the euphoric effects of his adrenaline began to fade away. Then, as he returned to his normal self, he felt furious.

“You’re an idiot.” He said to Jonghyun, making sure that he said it loud enough for the other to hear.

"Shut up, outsider, you shouldn’t have interfered.” Jonghyun said, brows furrowing as he closed his eyes.”

“You’re completely right; I should have let Taemin paint the walls with your brain because we both know you’re going to provoke him again when he wakes up.” Jinki scoffed, a dark laugh escaping him. “You don’t even appreciate the fact I saved your life.”

“It wasn’t your place!” Jonghyun snapped, leaning up a bit from his spot on the wall before tenderly sinking down again. “He just surprised me this time, next time I’ll have ‘em.”

“Next time, you’ll be dead.”

As Jonghyun was about to answer, Minho was suddenly rushing to his side. Using his sleeve to wipe the blood off of Jonghyun’s face. He winced when the fabric ran over Jonghyun’s nose and felt the misshapen form it had become. Jonghyun jerked his head away, already fed up with the harsh treatment of his injuries. Minho apologized softly and promised to be gentler. He wasn’t.

Key stood a little ways away, staring at Taemin’s fallen form. He seemed to know that he shouldn’t go to Taemin now, not with Jinki here and he was completely right. The last thing he needed to see right now, was someone caring for Taemin when he was about to murder someone out of pride. Unthinkable.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Key said softly, almost sounding afraid; tentative. “You really shouldn’t have.”

“You two should have done something. Jonghyun is your friend!” Jinki let out a scrambled nonsense of noises as he tried to comprehend what they were trying to get him to comprehend. It didn’t make sense to him. Why would they allow this? “Isn’t he a part of your family?”

Key shook his head slowly and smiled sadly. “You won’t understand. You never will.”

As Jinki opened his mouth to speak, Key interrupted.

“You should go; you’ve caused so much trouble already. This, isn’t personal but, please just leave.”

Jinki opened his mouth to retort, before he snapped his mouth shut and skated out of that arena, out of that section of town and walked back home.

He hoped he never saw them again.